Make an Account

Before we begin, there is a very important piece of information you should know:

Many participants and agencies/companies were imported from the old PIA NE/IA system.

If you are the licensing coordinator, owner, or 'in charge' of an agency/company...

and if someone from your agency/company has registered employees for events with PIA NE/IA in the past, there is a good chance that your agency/company and previously registered employees are already in the system. Contact PIA before doing anything else to check and to get an admin account. (This may significantly reduce the amount of data you'll have to enter.)

Let's get started

Click on the "Register" button at the top of the screen.

Fill in the registration information. Add your NPN number and resident state (if you have an NPN), OR check "I don't have a license".

Selecting your agency/company (if applicable) will allow you to select existing contact information (rather than enter it new).

Enter at least one of each contact type. If you chose an agency/company above, you may use any addresses and/or phone numbers from the agency/company, rather than entering a new one.

Choose a password. Passwords must have at least 10 characters and a security rating of 4-5 bars to be considered acceptable. (Out of the 5 bars under the password field, at least 4 (or all 5) of them will be lit, and they will appear green, not red or yellow, when the password is acceptable.)

Suggestion: use 4 random words (preferably uncommon words).

Bonus: capitalize random letters in the words, and add special symbols and numbers.

A randomized string of 10+ lowercase/capitalized letters, numbers, and special characters is also acceptable.

When successful, you will be brought to your profile page.