Do I Need an Account?

If you:

  • want to register yourself and/or others for events on more than one occasion
  • want to track your completed classes, and/or general event attendance, or
  • have any involvement with PIA that isn't a 'one time only' association

then yes, you will want an account.

Most of the information collected in account creation is required during event registration anyway, so registering as a guest won't save you much work.

If in doubt, make an account.

Benefits of an account

Having an account greatly reduces the work you will need to complete in order to register for events, because it saves your profile (and the profiles you have access to) in a way that allows you to reach them again, in order to register yourself and others for those events. It also allows you to edit those profiles, keeping PIA up-to-date on the contact information you prefer we use for the communications you request.

If you are the licensing coordinator, owner, or 'in charge' of an agency/company...

and if someone from your agency/company has registered employees for events with PIA NE/IA in the past, there is a good chance that your agency/company and previously registered employees are already in the system. Contact PIA before doing anything else to check and to get an admin account. (This may significantly reduce the amount of data you'll have to enter.)