I'm a new Agency/Company Admin

When you first receive your agency/company admin account, there are a few things to know. As an agency/company admin, you have access to your own profile, your agency/company's profile, and the profiles of other people in your agency/company.

View Your Profile

To view your profile, click on the 'Profile' option in the navigation bar.

(If you've come from the "PIA Made an Account for Me" page, you're probably already on this page.)

View Your Agency/Company and/or Employees

To view your agency/company or the other people in your agency/company (employees, etc.), click on 'My Agency/Company' in the navigation bar.

Check the information on this page. Add/Update general and contact information.

View People in Your Agency/Company

On the agency/company profile page, click on the 'PEOPLE' tab to view the people in your agency/company.

On the 'PEOPLE' tab:

  • The 'Contacts' block lists the people connected to your agency/company (these are essentially employees, or anyone an admin from your agency/company would be registering for events).
  • The 'Agency/Company' Admins block lists the admins of the agency/company. As an agency/company admin, you have the power to revoke another admin's status, but not add a new one. Contact PIA to add another agency/company admin.
  • The 'Requested Contacts' block lists the people who have requested an employee connection to the agency/company (not admin access). Approving someone here will give them access to your agency/company's email addresses, and allow you (and other admins from your agency/company) to register them for events.